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Why are so many folks falling out of ministry

The more genuine preachers and pastors it gets, the more Satan is trying  to obsess and have control over all people, and especially Christians,  so he can use them against the true preachers and pastors. This is one of the reasons that the world is so cold and cruel today, 

it is more demons and demon possessed people than ever before.  The worst and most dangerous are those who call themselves Christians, 

because they goes where Christians go, they are "sailing" under false colors. 

"Uniforms" is from God, they are wearing the "uniform" of God, but inside their heart, they serve satan and try and destroy  Christians and Christian churches, and not all know they serve satan, because they read too little in The Bible,  prays and meditate too little too little on the Word of God.  Satan loves lukewarm Christians,  because he can use them more or less as he pleases. Harsh words?  Maybe, but I'm sorry to tell you that this is true words. God bless you and keep you safe.

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