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To be patient and wait for God.

To be patient and wait for God is the biggest problem for most of us humans. Just like me, 

I wanted everything about God and His work done "yesterday". 

I was not patient at all. 

God even gave me dreams about this many years ago, 

I got many dreams about the same problem, my lack of patience. 

One of the dreams from God: 

I was a 2.nd pilot in a chopper, 

God was the captain and was in charge. 

(I know it was God in the dream, because I couldn't see his face, I only saw up till His shoulder). In the dream I was so impatient and wanted to take off with the chopper and start flying right away. I was telling God, time after time, let's start now. But God said no, but I didn't give up, I asked and asked God to take off with the chopper. But God continued to say no, He said: We are not ready yet for a take off. But I didn't see anything that made us unfit for the take off, so I still asked and asked to start flying. Then God become bored of that I didn't listen to Him, He was not angry, He was totaly calm and mild, but He said to me: Look up above us. So I was bending forward to the cockpit window and looked up, there was another chopper in the air straight over our heads, it just hovered above us.  Then God asked me: Do you still want to take off now? I remember I felt like a little child that had done a big mistake, that had not listened to "daddy". I was so ashamed. God knew what I didn't knew. 

If we had taken off and started to fly, then we had been flying straight into the chopper above us and everybody know what happens in an airplane accident, right? This was a wake up call for me. We think everything is ready, we think we are ready, but our Lord knows better. God doesn't send us on a mission before we are skilled and can do it safely.  When God calls a person to a particular service, it will take time before that person is fully grown into the service he is called. It was this God was teaching me with those dreams I had. 

Who will sending a soldier into battle without basic training? Not God, He is caring for His "soldiers" safty. So He gives us basic training in secure enviroment. 

But we always believes we are ready before we are skilled enough, that's our human nature. We don't have the expertise to see the problems that can arise in our service for the Lord. 

It is this God want to teach us, before He put us into His service. So we must always be patient, and wait for Him. God knows when we are ready for His service, we do not. We must always listen God in this. Let us all pray that God teach us to be patient. God bless us all.

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