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I have not found a single church....

I have not found a single church 
that live 100% after the word of God. 
Read everything and you 
will understand what I mean. 
(I know that no church can be 100% perfect, because of the human factor, 
but we can be better).
The Bible is very clear on 
how a church should be.

I can understand why not a single church in practice lives 
100% after the real and true doctrine. There is only one reason why it does not, 
and that is selfishness. But It's wrong and sad.

Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord?

Jesus, our Lord, 
took your place on the cross of Golgotha.
So you would have eternal 
life and not perish.
Has He gone into His death 
on the cross in vain for you, 
or have you accepted Jesus 
as your Lord and Savior?
I want you to ask yourself this question.
Jesus died to save you! 
God bless you and keep you safe.

The Holy Spirit lives in us

As Christians we should not ask God to give us the Holy Spirit. 
God has already sent the Holy Spirit to us. 
The Holy Spirit lives in us now.
What we should ask God, is that we listen more to 
the Holy Spirit and not put our "deaf ear" to the Spirit's voice. 
As humans, we are often a little disobedient, 
and this is in our selfish nature. 
But God is greater than our selfish nature and know that we 
are like small children that sometimes don't do what "daddy" tells us to do.

Mari kita saling menjaga satu sama lain, itulah kehendak Allah.

Mari kita saling menjaga satu sama lain, itulah kehendak Allah.

* Dan Raja itu akan menjawab mereka: Aku berkata kepadamu,
sesuatu yang kamu lakukan untuk salah seorang dari 
yang paling saudara ini atau saudari saya, 
kamu telah melakukannya untuk Aku. *
Matius 25:40 (New English Translation)

* Dan barangsiapa hanya memberikan secangkir 
air dingin ke salah satu
anak-anak kecil dalam nama murid,
Aku berkata kepadamu: Sesungguhnya, 
ia tidak akan kehilangan upahnya. "*
Matius 10:42 (New English Translation)

I want Jesus!

NO, mommy,
I don't want candy,
I want Jesus!!!!
God bless you and keep you safe.

Here are the words of Jesus that really challenge my selfishness

Here are the words of Jesus that 
really challenge my selfishness 
(and yours too, I guess).
READ ALL BELOW! Let us seek the real treasure, God's treasure. And to share 
our abundance with those in need.

"He then told them a parable: 
“The land of a certain rich man
 produced an abundant crop, 
so he thought to himself, 
‘What should I do, for I have 
nowhere to store my crops?’ 
Then he said, ‘I will do this: I will tear down my barns and build bigger ones, 

To be patient and wait for God.

To be patient and wait for God is the biggest problem for most of us humans. Just like me, 
I wanted everything about God and His work done "yesterday". 
I was not patient at all. 
God even gave me dreams about this many years ago, 
I got many dreams about the same problem, my lack of patience. 
One of the dreams from God: 
I was a 2.nd pilot in a chopper, 
God was the captain and was in charge. 
(I know it was God in the dream, because I couldn't see his face, I only saw up till His shoulder).

Let Jesus save you.

Your ship is sinking, you have to jump in to the ocean, 
it's hurricane with giant waves and you have no survival suit on. 
You are lost, but out of "nowhere" comes another ship. 
A man is standing by the railing and ask you: Shall I save you?
What would you answer the man? Maybe yes?
Yes is all you need to answer him to be saved ...
When Jesus standing on the railing and we are lonely in life's hurricane, 
and Jesus asks us: Shall I save you? What do we answer Him?